I finally gave into social pressure and have started hanging out in twitterland (you can follow me at twitter.com/SarahDWright). After feeling overwhelmed for a while, I am beginning to like it–partly because it’s a treasure hunt and I’m finding some great stuff. Like this online virtual “cone of silence” or, as the tweeter put it, “white noise for focus and serenity.”

Douglas Cootey (find him here: thesplinteredmind.blogspot.com and here: twitter.com/SplinteredMind) brought it to my attention. He mentioned he used simplynoise.com for focus and serenity. I checked it out and it’s great. Such a cool, simple idea. Try it the next time all the little sounds around you are driving you nuts and distracting you from concentrating. It just kind of erases all those little sounds right off your radar so you’re good to stay on track.

Let us know how it works for you!

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