I used to love getting catalogs fromĀ  The J. Peterman Company. They sold these funky clothes and accessories invoking adventure, mystery, and “long ago” and “far away”. The products were shown as sketches. The descriptions were artfully created first-person “accounts” of who had been seen wearing this garment, how wonderful they looked in it, and how you could, by wearing the same garment, step right into that same wonderful life. It was good writing and great reading.

Well, the original J. Peterman Company didn’t make it, but it has since been resurrected at JPeterman.com. And the creative entrepenure(s) behind it are still thriving. You can check out the online store or enjoy the same writing, sensibility, and wide-ranging interests at Peterman’s Eye: A Community of Curious Travelers.

If you check out Peterman’s Eye, you will find a wonderful article about the virtues of fidgeting! You can read all about fidget historians, presidential doodles, and new research in the post called Give Fidgeting a Hand. Check it out! And be sure to read all the fidget stories in the comments. They’re great.

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