After the ADD Class on Fidget to Focus, my friend and fellow coach, Rick Prevatt, sent us these strategies that have worked for his clients:

  • One client used to strap a light to his head, and go walking around the block at night. Said he could read it one time and remember it that way.
  • I had clients that put something underneath one leg of the chair or desk at school so it was unbalanced, and they could rock it.
  • Rocking in a rocking chair while studying works consistently with many people.
  • Listening to books on tape while running or exercising works well too.
  • One client would read out loud, but it was boring her and she couldn’t retain the info. When I listened to her, it bored me too. I had her then read it in a funny comical way, and she could remember and understand easily that way.
  • Another person had problems focusing during test. I sent her a pen that had a level in it. She would balance the bubble in the middle, and it was just enough to allow her to focus easily.

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