I have trouble at two points in my sleep cycle: difficulty falling asleep and waking too early because my body is hyperactive and restless. In the latter case, I also feel bored with having slept so long already (but not nearly long enough!). It often feels like getting to sleep and staying sleep is a chore.

My fidget has to do with having pressure on my body to help me sleep. First, I sleep much better with very heavy blankets (in the summer, I turn the air conditioning up high to compensate). Second, my spouse notices when I get to the state where I need more help sleeping — not even being fully awake herself — and puts her feet and lower legs across my lower legs (about halfway down the calf), in effect, pinning my legs to the bed. This really helps! It’s like magic.

My other sleep fidget is to keep a talk radio on low all night, at a level where you have to strain a bit to make out the words.

Of course, getting to sleep also means good bedtime habits for ADDers — a different strategy than fidgets (and harder to do).

Your book has helped me so much and I often share the information with other ADDers, encouraging them to buy it.

– Silvia (from email)

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