I coach a lot of kids, teens with ADHD from upper class/upper middle class homes. They all want their kids to get straight A’s, of course. Well, as a good teacher, and having dealt with my own restlessness as well as with many ADHD teens in high schools for over 14 years, I experimented a lot with how to keep focused. Accidentally I found ways to do it: I used play dough, beanie babies, silly putty, food, you name it. Then I found your book!!!!

Not only do I feel justified for doing all those things that principal’s used to think were nuts, but my mind was set at ease. I also had a justifiable argument with “strict” parents for a way to allow their kids to find their own learning styles. That is so important.

I used to do all sorts of things with my daughter, who is now going to be a senior in high school and is on the Honor Roll. I was told she would NEVER earn more than a C and would always be just average!!!! Well, NOT.

Not only have I read your book, but I buy extra copies and hand it out to parents. In fact, I am going out and getting more books. I have one very uptight parent, and I want her to see what you have to say. I have said it, but your book supports my views and it’s actually in writing!!!! It sounds so much more scientific that way.

– Sandy (from email)

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